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Morgan Stillwell

Morgan's passion for architecture, interior design, and the concept of "home" ignited when he moved to Northern Virginia in 1995. His early exposure to the world of real estate began during high school when he actively assisted his father in identifying and renovating investment properties. This hands-on experience cultivated Morgan's interest and propelled him towards a career in the industry.

Upon completing his marketing and economics degrees from James Madison University in 2008, Morgan seamlessly transitioned into a full-time realtor and investor. Throughout his professional journey, he has successfully guided over 200 families in their real estate endeavors, facilitating the purchase, sale, and investment processes across the dynamic regions of DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

During his leisure time, Morgan immerses himself in nature's beauty by hiking and biking the local trails. He is an avid supporter of the DC sports teams, passionately cheering them on during their games. Additionally, Morgan finds joy and companionship in the company of his dog, Wallace, with whom he shares playful moments.

Morgan's unwavering dedication, coupled with his extensive knowledge of the real estate market, has earned him a reputation as a trusted professional. With a deep understanding of his clients' needs and aspirations, he continues to make a positive impact in the industry, building lasting relationships and helping individuals and families find their ideal homes.


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