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Heather Edwards

Growing up in a family deeply involved in the real estate industry, Heather developed an innate passion for the field from an early age. Having experienced numerous relocations throughout Eastern Europe, she eventually settled in the Washington D.C. region, where she had the opportunity to reside in her very own home for the first time. While Heather had previously owned investment properties and rented homes in Europe, the feeling of liberation and empowerment that came with homeownership was truly remarkable. This newfound sense of security, comfort, and belonging reignited her enthusiasm for real estate and motivated her to assist others in attaining the same joys of owning a home.


Building a wide network of connections, Heather adeptly matches their clients with their dream properties or ideal buyers. Her extensive experience working with both buyers and sellers in the most sought-after neighborhoods of Washington D.C. has honed her skills in navigating and thriving in the highly competitive local market. When not engaged in real estate transactions, she can often be found in the company of friends or family, exploring offbeat restaurants and relishing the distinctive flavors of cuisine from distant lands


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